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Olga de Kort. The Reception of Shostakovich’s Music in the Netherlands. Part 1: 1930’s (published in DSCH Journal, July 2016, nr. 45, p. 11-19).

dsch44fcover-e1456076972564Dmitri Shostakovich is today one of the most programmed composers in the Netherlands. There is almost no Dutch orchestra without a symphony by Shostakovich in its repertoire and almost no Dutch festival without at least one chamber work by the composer. There are, however, still very few pianists who are interested in Shostakovich’s piano works, and a meagre handful of vocalists who dare to perform his songs. As for his operatic, balletic, and cinematographic repertoire, the general public can usually only refer to recordings-foreign, not Dutch. This article-in two parts-relates the reception of Shostakovich as a composer, and as a person, seen through the last eighty years of Dutch musical life. It also covers the influence of critical reception upon specific choices made for concert performance, and details the role of Dutch researchers and musicians in the introduction and popularisation of Dmitri Shostakovich and his music in the Netherlands.’ ©Olga de Kort, 2016.

⇒ Context; The Roaring Thirties; Hugo van Dalen; Piano Music; Fifth Symphony; Gramophone Records; Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District. Notes.

PDF: o-dekort-shostakovich-in-the-netherlands-part-1-dsch45-2016

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